why i have been MIA for so long..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

so so so sorry guys that i have left my beauty blog to dust for so long!!

no reason to mention why i left for so long..

everything had been so hectic for me and my family for the past few months,

my friend junry aso told me why have i not been blogging..


my laptop finally crash and was send to repair.. all my photo which was meant for blogging was gone

i was stuck.. do not know where to start.. :(


but what junry told me was to get my butt out and do some haul or review lar..

start new again haha..


so i am back.. seriously.. i miss the watermark on photo, reviews.. etc.. haha


its my stress reliever world!!! i not going to leave!!


i miss you guys so much!! awww!!


and i am back!! hehe


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  1. Hi, I just followed your blog :) Can't wait for your new posts!

  2. Pi-gu! faster la =P

  3. Update soon, love! ;)


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