Review - Kanebo KATE Eyeliner

Sunday, February 28, 2010

i have the tendency to do tight lining because i think its the most natural to make my eyelashes look fuller

but every time i use pencil it smudges a bit.. until i saw this baby at the Taiwan magazine (Queen)


i fall in love with it immediately! my friend junry whom happen to be in Thailand saw this and i w/o hesitation i asked her to CP for me :D



basically this is cater for tight lining, this is cool because it has those tiny 3 pointed pencil that can just dab dab at the top lashes so it looks natural and its does the work quickly



the next picture is very scary because i do not know how to take photo of myself doing tight lining.. haha so bear with me



but you get the point haha.. or you can lift your top lids up then just dab dab the liner. no need to drag the liner because it has already done the work for you

left side which is my right eye has the tight lining.

right side which is my left eye has NO tight lining.

so now is the pros and cons lisst


-Tight lining is easier

-Give natural define eye and lashes looks "thicker" fuller

-small and easy to carry around


-Not water proof

-only has black color probably brown looks more more softer??

-not avalible in singapore yet

-quite expensive around $18 according to my friend calculation



i will still purchase if i happen to run out, because i like to do tight lining more then the usual liner thing, hopefully singapore brings in soon :D

otherwise my friend have to do the shopping work again.. haha


Overall: 3.5 / 5


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  1. wow! that's such a unique liner tip.. never seen anything like it before!!!

  2. it looks like my little sister's marker pens!

  3. @amyrleex shld try but need alot of practice.. haha Tip: i usually take deep breathe when i put it on.. so i dun blink that often :)

    @tiarabangs haha.. that is true... and it is really small LOLXX


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