Reyenal: Final Giveaway!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

finally i have time to take part in this giveaway.

i love chatting with her, i should say she is the first sugar bebs that i really got into contact with.. LOVE her already man..

and now she giving out a small giveaway..and its the final one... i need to do this giveaway! because i love her!! haha


this is the link to her giveaway --->

Disclaimers: She bought all this stuff with her own pocket money NO company send it over or PAID her to do this.


Only if you are fine with used items then here are the steps to take,

- Must be a Follower of her blog =

- Open to Singapore only

- ONLY Meet-up @ Bukit Gombak MRT cos the Heart bath is fragile :)

- Not Eligible for those who have won before, Sorry ladies

- Copy & Paste this to ur blog to share this Final giveaway & add on WHY YOU LIKE READING HER BLOG,



she is funny, outgoing and plus reading her blog really let me know more stuff.

like the stage - Opening act complexion enhancer that she review..

i was it that good??


until i try it out at the stage outlet. and i was impress but it was sold out...0.0

that baby is getting in on my next list to buy..

see.. reading people blog sometime to gossip and to know stuff.. who say lesson is boring??!! haha


we added each other in msn too.. eventhough we chatted maybe like 2 times.. but its was cool chatting with her.. and also nervous because i dont know what to ask her or how to chat because she is my "virgin" onsugar babe that i add on msn.. :P

regardless whether i win or not..  i am glad to posted this giveaway because i think everyone should know her and MUST FOLLOW HER!!!


love ya beb and peeps!!! :D

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  1. OMG!! i am freaking touch by ya words babe.. i hope that really come frm ya heart & thanks for participate in my Final Giveaway.. :) i can read like million times & still sound so sweet.. Love ya too gerl. The word "Virgin" make me shock for awhile hehe.. & beb you can talk anything to me i am humble.. Merry X'mas sweetie..


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