Update on my MIA - i am on a working spree.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

its like 4 days and i felt like i missing out the onsugar world.. man.. that was hard.

this was the past few days schedule

12/11 - went out to interview for the home deco job at woodland. SUCCESS.. training on sunday (today), go see movie with family and friend on the 2012.. very good movie.. teaching about humanity.. ate ridiculous amount of sakae sushi with nicole.. she is a pig man.. but still slim.. HATE and LOVE relationship with this GF

13/11 - slack and spend time with my family.. got abit problem happening recently.. :(((((

14/11 - meet the bride soon to be at far east plaza.. with other bridesmaid to try on the dress etc i was exempted because i not comfortable with the dress i am permitted to dress manly abit but i think wanna get a dress for that wedding dont wanna spolit the mood.. we had fun planning and thinking evil plan to sabo the groom.. :D when the bride go to facial the other bridesmaid go home. i visited inuovi @ bishan so far i liking the service and i got an eyeshadow which i shall show you gals in the final post after suntec visit.. oh the bride. she wanna go on the NEW cosmetic spree... i am happy to be her ADVISER seh..i like to see people spend money to pamper themselves haha she spend quite a bomb on herself that day ($XXX) already as she cant wait to collect them.. its in the chinese tradition.. everything must be new new.. going to meet her soon enough to complete the list she need to get with other bridemaids. its going to be a blast... SWEET..

15/11 -  training for full shift sia.. trying to get use to it... hope i can survive.. was a blah day lar..


this is the next few days schedule

16/11 mon - working at tangs (afternoon shift)

17/11 tue - working at woodlands (full shift)

18/11 wed - working at tangs (morning shift) + going down to suntec to complete the inuovi mystery shopper case

19/11 thur -  working at tangs (afternoon shift)

20/11 fri - working at taka (9.30 am- 2.30pm) + meeting friend to chiong the last day of stage HAUL..

21/11 sat - working at taka (9.30 am- 2.30pm) AGAIN.. i hate taka the full time staff there SUCK!! + might be meeting the bridemaid gang TBC

22/11 sun - working at tangs (afternoon shift)


this is my life. i wonder if i can squeeze in sometime for myself or not..

i want my moolahs to come in now!! argh..

going to miss you gals...

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