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Thursday, November 05, 2009

As said in my previous post, was tagged by the lovely heavenlygorgeous. she is a cool gal and have alot of post that i love reading it!! haha i am happy was being tag by her. so lets go on

i use to have the "plastic box" which i got it from Popular but now it had become a storage box for the stuff that i do not use that often.

when i though about the essential kits, the first thing that come in mind is when i am in the rush (i got no time to put makeup) what 'baby' i must have with me that i will feel safe. haha

all chunk into this small ELLE makeup bag. i forgot to take a picture of it... it kinda cute as it has beauty junkie written on the side. haha



well, no all exactly are in the kit. like the one etude house BB cream, hazeline snow moisturizing cream and the garnier sun block.

if i am in the hurry, i would put my moisturizer on and sun block using my hand. Then apply BB cream using the studio powder brush from elf. This step i can complete like within 3 mins.

Then as follow, i bring my 'baby' bag along and i would do it along the way or maybe at the ladies. basically i am bringing out a plain face without any pop of color.


so i had my base on,i would use the following to finish the look maybe on the taxi or car (someone is driving of course haha)

  • Sephora palette corrective concealer palette - it has color correcting properties great for the on the go size and to me is not cakey as i do not use it alot
  • Or if i am lazy on that day i just use STAGE picture perfect liquid concealer
  • Lastly i use my ZA 2 way foundation powder to set it. its not the best but i got to use up this stuff because it  my friend who got it for me


Cheek and contour:

  • i use my elf studio blush and contour, to do it. As it is 2 in 1 and convenient on the go, and i love big mirror. i use the retractable brush which i got it from a random beauty supplies store which again can act as a contour brush by retracting upwards it to the smallest shape and a blush brush by using it as the full size. It is a great tools for on the go again. i cant find it anymore, if you know please let me know. TIA


Eyes: i dont often use a primer unless i have dramatic look on that day.

  • i use the random brow powder which i got it from john little to shape my brow. i think its important to shape because it really make the difference. shall post a "how important is your brow?" haha
  • Apply style snob from mac as all over lid color or i use vanilla first then style snob at the crease.
  • Then vanilla as my highlight.
  • i choose between my loreal liner or my stage pencil liner. depending on my mood.
  • i did not include the mascara in the kit because i am not a mascara person, maybe in the future but currently nah. sometime i do put if i really wanted. this is the one that i always reach out for. :D


  • i just use lip blam to moisturize my lips and i want to finish up this lip blam as i trying to control myself from buying stuff unless i use finish.. haha


i think that is about it. on a side notes, i do bring abit og other thing to make me feel secure and allow me to choose which baby i wanna use that day..

i hope u all have a nice day see ya at the next post :D

i tag anyone who wish to do it, but it seems i am like the last one who have done it. cheeros peeps!

or i tag






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  1. Love, thank you so much for doing the tag. :) I spot Hazeline Snow! Hazeline Snow is love! I apply Hazeline Snow before i apply my makeup too.

  2. @heavenlygorgeous haha no problem. i know.. hazeline snow is like the basic of all step. my friend saw me taking this from watson, they stunned and started to call me grandma. 0.0 but its the best and cheapest moisturizer and its 100% oil free. remind me of my grandma too!

  3. Haha!! What's so grandma about Hazeline Snow seh? As long as it work wonders for our skin, ok what... ;)

  4. That concealer palette looks intriguing. Might have to pick it up! LashBlast is my HG. Thanks for the tag ^_^ I'm following you now as well.

  5. @heavenlygorgeous i agree... i like how it does wonder for my skin when i use it.. love love it!!

    @Ju Lee Zhang its very creamy and easy to use. only need a small amount to do the job. its at sephora $25. quite worth it.. :D thx for following.

  6. ouh!!im tagged!teehee!!!thank u!!!will do it sooon!:))

  7. Me too me too! It gives a matte finishing right. Then like so soft like that. :)

  8. @liyanaz take your time dear. no problem..

    @heavenlygorgeous ya!!! i dun like those glossy finish for moisturizer very uncomfortable.. i previously use the NIEVA - intensive moisturing creme that fafinettex3 use to love. but its over too much for me. i use the left over creme for my feet :X haha


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