Mini collective haul during the exam period - offline items

Saturday, November 07, 2009

As you can see from the title. yeap, i buy abit this and that over the week.

this is just stuff that i got it offline, meaning... ah you know what i mean. mostly is watson purchase. haha

not much but 3 items... i think haha

first is the hazeline snow. which i loving it again... and its 100% oil free.

i have the egyptian magic cream, that i think its too oily for me (review is coming up asap)

Next is Watson green tea antioxidant deep cleansing mud.

i use it once, the texture is thick and in terms of spreading wise, its quite hard to spread evenly.

but the overall effect is quite nice and refreshing unless you hate pure green tea powder smell. (again review is going to be up after the magic cream)


and lastly sunblock, which everbluec had done the review on it. the shade i got it was beige, which can cover up abit redness on my face.

she had made good review on it. so go check it out haha


now i waiting for my online items to come it.. so exciting..

going to meet my dear friend later~ she is hoping i can control her spending.

P.s i have a habit to buy thing and put thing back at the same time. so if i were to buy things i or my friend need to be fast otherwise i would put the thing back and didnt buy in the end.

haha abit of me everyday, you will know me alot everyday.. :D


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