HUGE haul - teaser :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


i have been working really really like mad mad.. but looking forward to my moolahs.. haha

yet i been a very very jialat and bad girl.. i spend alot..

this is just teaser, i will be back after 1 dec..that is how busy i am..


i still have another 2 more online purchase have not put in the picture, waiting for them to arrive.. :D haha

i not leaving this beauty world yet.. so miss me ya~

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  1. i see a MAC brush cleanser! i'll be getting that soon =)

  2. great haul! have a more detailed post k :p

  3. Can't wait for the post! I'm a sucker for haul posts! ;)

  4. thank to you all for being so patient :D

    @tiarabangs i have not try yet. maybe tml i shall try :D cant wait

    @debx oh definitely.. i cant wait to start

    @heavenlygorgeous i also.. i like to see ppl haul seh.. kpo kpo what thing nice nice haha

  5. hehe, its fair la, u work very hard, thus u spend quite alot to reward yourself sometimes :p

    thats how i justify myself........... alot of times T_T

  6. @purplio haha true.. today surprising i got off last min.. so i will post the haul by today.. haha


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