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Sunday, November 08, 2009

went out with my friend this is the only thing that i brought

did you see the counter that has the cool dispenser that you press down then the product come out?

i thought is not availble, until my friend told me its for sell $7.90 and without thinking wat so ever i took it.

this is how i put it in...


this thing is so convenient that i thinking getting more for different purposes, like toner... hehe not sure about gel substance though... shall try out another time..

then i got this powder puff, it cost me $2.90. this is a implusive decision to buy because i do not have a loose setting powder yet. i think this is cute so i got it. haha should i say i got influence by my friend and this thing is cute.. hehe

the next few items is purely just sample and door gift

this is the toner, i think wont be enough for my face haha i got big face..

this is such a 0.0.... haha well its useful after all? right? haha and i prefer this kind of cotton pads too.. so its a plus for me


then before leaving the shop (walking purposely slowly haha), this door lady whom gave me the sample pass me this cute pen.. i got the yellow one, and my friend got the green one haha.. they have blue, pink and purple??


meeting her on wednesday again soon... this time will meet up early so got more time to hang out..

she reads my blog but lazy to sign in her username to comment... ahem.. hopefully you guys can see her soon :D

i working tomorrow peeps, hopefully i can talk to my in charge regarding my taka schedule (Ridiculously 5 hrs only..) *roll eye..


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  1. I want to get the dispenser!

  2. Jo!!! Naughty! I wanna make a blog too like that but I am so FREAKING LAZY! well I got lots to show off! Geez!@#!@#! <3 see u on wed!!

  3. @heavenlygorgeous you should sayang!!! so convenient.. i finding more idea to put what thing inside... haha oh... nail polish remover.. that would be cool, but need to have good labeling otherwise confuse sia

    @BabySunshine i know lar.. haha take your time to do lor.. hehe

  4. OMG I love the Shiseido Mask u got me! I WANT MORE! MEMEMEME!

  5. the dispenser is really handy, i am tempted to get 1 myself, hehe, and i think this reduces product wastage too.

  6. @purplio i agree... reduce wastage too! the usual on you need to pour onto the cotton pad then got too much excess sia. this just need to control the pressing force then viola.. just nice :D i got it at the outlet at orchard there..

    @BabySunshine go review go review.. hehee

  7. Ya arh. I need to get it for my toner and nail polish remover. :)

  8. Joanna! New DROOL ITEM! ==== La Mer Loose Powder hahahahahahha ~~<3 <3 I can't make it wed, Thurs instead?

  9. @heavenlygorgeous yeap yeap.. i am a lazy person so i think is quite worth for investment.. congrats on ur win dear..

    @BabySunshine la mer?? u Michellephan fan freak sia.. haha

  10. Thank you, love. ;)

  11. I have a pump dispenser.. I use it for my nail polish remover... it was very fun and convenient at first, but it get so messy after awhile.. the product run around the cape leaving ugly black stain (cos it's hard to clean those areas... eeee)

    Do do a review after using that dispenser for like a month or so.. if it's good maybe I should get Etude house one!!! Cos maybe my dispenser was lousy! lolx

  12. @everbluec sure no problem.. i will take note of it :D


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