What are you getting from MAC style black collection?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

As far as i know the mac style black was launch 1st October. but the ash exfoliator and thermal mask had not been launch.. that was abit disappointing, because i heard madly review for it. i have not seen the collection myself yet because i have paper on Tuesday. may make a trip down after my paper to check it out.

so what are you getting from this collection?

base on youtube reviews and swatches i finally down to what i think i might want to get. :D

young punk... it was love at first sight.. haha

i like the name alot. so would reconsider this baby :)

i do not know about the greasepaint stick in black. NYX black bean was mention as a dupe for it.

youtube review make it sound so good that its a must to get it. so i am controlling myself. haha

the glimmerglass was a nah to me. but i cant stop listening to a friend whom i accidentally psycho her into this collection

she keeps telling me this would be so good with bubbles underneath..

i have 2 bubbles lipstick from sugarsweet collection, should i have the black knight? (dilemma)

so including this collection is the ash exfoliator... waiting for it to launch.. wondering why took so long to launch?

what is your choice?? share it with me and your opinion :)


saving for the holiday collection which looks so winter, i have made my choice for the upcoming collection. have you?

MAC Cosmetics Baroque Boudoir Collection

MAC Cosmetics Mischief Makers Collection

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