Sneak preview of goth girl lacquer DUPE..**update

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i do not know about you guys..

but i need you guys to vote..or comment

does this looks like goth girl from style black to ya all??


i know.. i have freaking long nails.. its in the family gens.. only me and my father has it

compare to the below picture is the actual product

picture is from temptalia

if it does.. let me know.. because i scare i might be wrong..

then i shall decide to reveal it..




this was taken at the most accurate as possible because yesterday evening i found out the combo. so today morning is the best lighting i got.. heehee

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  1. i think from the photos, yours has a more purplish tint to it while mac one has a more reddish tint? thats my 2 cents la :)

    btw, i am super jealous of ur looooong nails! I can never keep them to that length and even if I do after great pains, i will chop them off sooner or later cos they are getting in the way T_T

  2. @purplio maybe its because of the lighting.. when i found out the combo its already evening.. shall take better lighting today haha.. thanks for the feedback and compliment on the long nails.

    its true that they getting into the way but it look hideous when i cut them short because i have very short hand..


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