John little - Family Christmas Flyer

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I got this at my mail yesterday,

i was in the mood for chrstmas already when i saw this.. hehe

i took the photo using my N97 cause i want all of you to have a sneek peek of it.. haha

i only took those which is makeup stuffy... hehe

foundation wedges 2 for $4.90

1 pack has 24 wedges.. 2 pack = 48 wedges

so 1 wedge is 0.102083333 cents.. haha

Left Top - ZA lip auqalish $9.90 ($15.90 U.P)

Left Middle  - Bourjois Trio eyeshadow $16 ($24 U.P)

Left Bottom - Canmake Selected nail polishes & all mascara 40% off

Middle Top - LA girl Lip palette/lipstick $7.90/$6.90 ($23.90/$13.90 U.P)

Middle Middle - Sana Extra large mascara chrstmas set $21.50 ($44.80 U.P) - Free glitter mascara

Middle Bottom - L'egere Mineral Transulcent Blush Powder/ Mineral Makeup Finishing Powder ($37.90 U.P )

Right Top - Dejavu Enchanced Eye Definition Set $25 ($34.50 U.P)

Right Middle - Couleur Inc Blemish Balm $13.90 ($20.90 U.P)

Right Bottom - Star Lash buy 2 get 30% off


Nude black pouch with kabuki goat hair brush - $9.90

Fasio Sparks on nail. Ex, Supper Glossy Lips, 3D perfect eyes - $5


there are other offers to get for christmas haha

haha ladies i think its the best time of the year to enjoy those gifts set..

see ya~~

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  1. Oh mmmmmyyyyyy....

  2. Bebe.. do we need a member card to entitle the discount? if yes i need someone to purchase it hehe.. cos i don't owned. if not i will get it soon.. thanks for the info hun

  3. @heavenlygorgeous yes dear.. i knw.. haha

    @Reyenal the member is free. just apply the form at any john little and u get the card immediately.. lolx

  4. [Reyenal] You got to have the card! It's free and i'm glad that i got one. :)


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