How often do you use a lip blam?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

For me is only when my lips is dry and almost cracking then i will use. till now i have not found a good lip blam that is able to 'cure' those dry lips.

the revlon lipgloss which is few year back really work for me and its been discontinued! sad! it was my first lipgloss. yes lipgloss! which is weird i guess haha. but now, not even vaseline or any gloss/blam i tried had been good.

i guess drinking more and more water help to keep those chap lips away. so my hunt for good lip blam stays on. let me know how often you use lipblam?

  • everyday (10 votes)
  • sometimes (4 votes)
  • never use it (0 votes)
  • what does lip blam does? (0 votes)

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  1. I used it everyday in the morning and at night before I go to sleep. Actually I use double at night, my lip balm, than vaseline on top. Than my lips will be nice and soft in the morning haha. I also drink a ton of water too!

  2. @MaddyMadeline really? 0.0 kkx i will try it tonight heehee :D

  3. haha try burts bees beeswax lipbalm if you can! (: my entire family practically lives on that, hahahah.

  4. @xbeanie wow. that must be good... shall look out for it thx:D

  5. yea!agree with xbeanie!burts bees lipbalm do wonders to u lips!i like it a lot!

  6. i want to use lips are dry. what can I use??


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