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Sunday, October 18, 2009

yesterday i was working at taka square, so i was wondering i just pop into stage at ion for the $10 offer during lunch break with my friend suzanne and gengen. at the same time if possible a member card perhaps.. haha

i wanting to try their concealer since facebysarah was commenting that she love the cream and liquid.

since the cream was not in the offer value. i might as well try liquid because i do not want my makeup to look cakey..


so here goes. i got 2 items

its a silver grey eyeshadow.. platinum princess..

sucker for name haha

the lighting is really bad i am so sorry. but you get the idea..


i like the ingredient that is read-able..

i saw ginkgo biloba leaf, fruit extract etc.. those name that is familar..

at least you know or sub-conscious that this eyeshadow have abit of natural ingredient haha

and the long awaited liquid concealer..

the shade name is diva doll..

lol how coincidence? both product is so lady like.. haha totally different personality from me

OMG the best part is has black tea extract. to help maintain skin hydration levels. (i needed that because of rushing project)

has a advance breakthrough lipo-siliconic complex which creates a thin veil for a natural look. which is perfect for fine lines under eye area (yes, i do feel see the difference) after by just setting it with a powder..

this is the ingredient.

OMG right?! i know.. amazing..this is just 1 coat.. with less then pea size..


i am very very disappointed with this!!!

and ya.. this product is stated 10grams!!!!

OMG... the display one was overflow lor.

but this? BNIB... BRAND NEW IN BOX..

i called the MUA in the store. she told me to come down either monday or tuesday to return it.. phew..

that was scary..


i want to remind you all out there that even though most make up product is not refundable, but die die have to check in the store...

at least when you left the store without worrying later at home and make a darn trip down the next day

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  1. Wow the concealer in liquid is not bad ya.. but the bad is why on earth is that thing empty? tsk..tsk..tsk.. No QC meh? impossible..

  2. Wah. Got to get this concealer arh. When is the promotion ending? Do you know?

  3. I read in Diana blog the end date will be 1st Nov?

  4. @Reyenal ya lar.. was shock sia.. i called right.. i though i would be hearing "hello, this is stage ion orchard, can i help you?" but what i got was a "hello"..

    WTH?? then i told the first person regarding this matter, she say " wait ar.. "

    alamak!! so stun lea me.. then a so call better professional MUA help me.
    whats is wrong with the service??

  5. @heavenlygorgeous yeap the end date is 1st nov..

  6. Ok. Thanks, love! I seriously need to make some time to drop by Stage. :)

  7. HUH??? hello, wait ar? alamak can slap our fore head many times for bad eng in service line i wil be paisey if outsider would call them.. You getting it replace rite dear?

  8. @heavenlygorgeous must drop by, but bring a friend along if possible because can ask your friend to comment on the thing you buy and check before you pay the product.. dont like me kanna busted.. and you can make member $80 in a single receipt.. haha

    @Reyenal very paiseh lor.. ya the MUA ask me to go down and replace. heng i got ask her name.. otherwise they though i bluff them..

  9. Wah. Can make member when we spent $80 in a single receipt? If like that arh, i'll bring my mother. :p She's more hardcore with makeups than me.

  10. @heavenlygorgeous haha good good.. in addition, can get a free make over valid for 1 month..
    i recommend pencil eyeliner which is very very good HG HG and the concealer is new found love!! and if you ok with it.. the lipgloss smell like MAC lipstick.. delicious..haha

  11. Lucky you beb!

    Mya i wish my mum is hardcore at makeup lah so she can buy & i use lol!!!

  12. @Reyenal haha.. yes.. guess lady luck is beside me heehee

    too bad my mum does not really appreciate Makeup.. usually i buy for her to use..

  13. My Mama don't let me share makeups with her for hygiene purposes. Unless she doesn't want it anymore, she'll pass it down to me. But still, it makes me happy. I see her buy makeups, i happy. She see me buy makeups, she happy. Haha!!

  14. haha heavenlygorgeous ur mama and you so cute! like that will support each other buying makeup. the stage liquid concealer does look better, i read so many ppl complaining that the cream one is drying.. maybe i will get it too...

  15. @debx remember to check the product before u leave.. haha

    @heavenlygorgeous woah... that is sister hood... i wish my brother is sister.. haha

  16. Hi, thanks for indicating that your concealer tube was emptyish - so was mine! i called them up after reading your post and will be exchanging mine tomorrow. i was wondering why it felt so light!

  17. @cocomotion my friend got it too and she also shock by it, then orchard ion MUA told a lame reason stating that " oh u need to tip it downwards for the product to flow thru."

    i am like -.-. so even though it has cover my undereye nicely. i think i buy during either $10 sales bah. otherwise i am lemming toward the creme concealer. which i think its more worth lor..


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