mini purchase from e.l.f :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this post i meant for my

but since i move to i did not manage to change the watermark

so... please dont think i take from other people site or what.

i got this from the spree i order from magical tannsu.

its a great blogspot to view for those who like makeup :D

not much only 2 loot...

the so called changing color base for your eyeshadow


comes in 4 shade and all are very iridescent..

green, beige yellow, pink, blue

i like the blue very much :D

it comes in the small brush which i forgot to take :X

the mineral eyeshadow primer.

is the new product from the mineral line, its say is better then UDPP

this is the comparison of how big the size.. since everyone know the size of the blush and contour palette looks like

its very creamy and is beige color

blend well into the skin.

and the applicator is the normal sponge tip applicator so nothing much..



Review of the product will come soon enough :D

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