Mac Style Black Inspired

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is suppose to be my smokey purple look that i meant to practice for my friend dance and dinner party. but i though why not put black liner at my lips to do a inspired style black collection?

Before putting the black liner. i put some foundation on my lips

The eyeliner i use is those cheap ones LA girls pencile eyeliner, since i do not use it often.

but when i initially put it. it looks too matt...

and i think gloss is too common... why not put some unique touch to it...

i put solar white eyeshadow (LE) got it off ebay.

and bang... nice effect..

the eyeshadow had create gold greyish tone to it, very nice unique effect to it.. and i like it..

tell me what you think of it? heehee...


** updated there is something wrong with the previous account, hence i remake the account. if u wan to see the previous comment

*** i will not be using the other account. this will be the main :D

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