I have them 'two'!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i think it been a while that this news had made a huge tornado in singapore. is that Ed. Pinaud eyeshadow that L'officiel give out as gift.

i remember that that magazine was introduce by the sub-module fashion designer lecturer. but i didnt got the chance to look or read it. so luckily i got it very informative. now i know why she so recommend that magazine hahaha..

i brought the magazine today at kino. its seems that kino have stock up for it..

brought 2 shade.

silver and black..

wanting to get a very good silver shadow

the black because this is the last piece and there is a group of people searching at a huge pile on the other side

after i pick up the silver, the next stack is black.  so i know i have to get it otherwise who know what happen? haha

both is very nice.. but there is a problem that i have noticed..

is it me or what ?? defect? has any one face this problem?

but i am ok with it haha

two applicator..

i forgot to swatch it. but i believe you are able to find it some places haha

the information that comes along with it.


there is rose, green, blue i think... the rose sound cute... maybe going down on monday to see if there is any more.

i getting some magazine on monday. omg i cant wait :D


**updates 26 sep 2009: thanks and for the info :D cheers to you gal haha

i didnt notice about the different texture and all eyeshadow are different texture too!! omg i am so mad to go get it all...

calm down jojo haha

i made a EOTD using both eyeshadow.. will post them out in the later date..

cant wait for monday to come!!! :D

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  1. wow can't believe it's still around! my black one has a hump too.. i thought it was a defect! haha guess it'sn ot.

  2. @debx ya was shock to see this, i thought which one was the defect... hmmm now have to see who got the silver and see has it got the same thing i got... hmmm thx for sharing :D

  3. all the black shadows coomes with the "hump" cos its of a diffferent texture den the other 4, it also has a different name from the rest :p

    the black one is a baked eyeshadow while the rest is more of a creamy consistency.

  4. Hi the one with hump is the magical eyeshadow while the one without it is a luminous eyeshadow. The sticker at the back of the eyeshadow says it and the information is on the paper. Anyway if you are going down to kino, do you mind buying the blue one for me?

  5. @purplio wow didnt know about the texture difference... think i was not looking hard enough...you made me so wanting to buy all colors :D
    @MaddyMadeline i will try to get it but no promise, PM you back :D


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