Cozycot Holy Grail Party 2009 - (so so larz)/ elianto brush

Saturday, September 26, 2009

this is the first time i attend the party.. below is my opinion

the party was fun in the beginning but boring at the end.. maybe because there wasnt alot of people.

there was no 'huge' goodie bag.. even if you are early bird..

you needed to spend at least $100 to get holy grailgoodie bag (shared among my friends)

conclusion: i ask my friend who is turning up in the later afternoon and on sunday not to go. because its not worth the trip.

i rather they held it at suntec. where is more convient.. well going to wait for next year hopefully better

this actually is the majolica majorca bag.. haha i only got 2 tiny item and poof.. big bag.. laugh of the day

i got the beauty diary mask for 3 (2 pieces of the mask ) box aloe, rose, black pearl for $10. :D

majolica majorca eyeshadow base in white and a honey pump gloss in BE 211

Rimmel sexy curves waterproof mascara in black. and i got a free pink gloss because i was the sales girl first customer haha :D

and thats it


not alot.. really... i skip the stage cosmetic safely even though they had BOGO* terms n condition applied

because i had my eye filled when my friends brought what i recommended..

the pencil eyeliner - super smudge proof (i have teal, black, brown)

gloss -  smell so good they cant stop smelling (i have pandora and cassandra)

eyeshadow and blush - smooth and nice..(i have none because i had alot of eyeshadow)

so i had my filled.. haha my friend suzanne and kamen is in love with the stage cosmetic and asked me to recommend other product too!


we shop and spend around $150+ so we shared the holy grail goodie bag.

i took the shampoo, perfume, and the kotex. from the goodie bag.

the rest is just sample i got it from the booth or doorgifts.

i left early as i didnt know can sign up for workshop :( and it was boring and have to wait for the hourly lucky draw thing is very tiring..


that the end of the party..  See more comments here


as i remember magical tannsu had a 'shop' at century square named kuchiku, my friend suzanne was shock at how good the quality of the product.. its was a great job that MT had made the effort to had the product on display and let people try. but on the other hand alot of people like children just made a mess with it. haiz. but i think i going to get more from MT after i had tried the product.


haha and again i remember elianto is in singapore.. i remember i wanted the brush so much that i hate myself for not getting it when i was in genting.. anyway spoke with the boss lady. she showed me the brush that they have bring in. and YES!!! i found you..

its the eyeshadow brush (blending shadow brush B) $4.90. malaysia is cheaper. but hey.. if include the travelling cost etc. this is definetly cheaper..

its soft and dense. i love it that i start using it the next day immediately when i got home haha. great for precise blending and packing on color.

the boss day asked me 'where i know about them in tampines?'

cozycot forum

'really? what forum was that?'

its a women's community about makeup and beauty

'wow, really intersting.. do you know the website?'

yes, i know. haha i hope you can join next year party event if possible :D

'yes sure hopefully'

hope to see you at the party next year

'see you soon, thanks for the information :D'

gals, elianto might just join the cozycot party next year.

do not quote me on that. just keeping finger cross :)


i think i enjoy yesterday with my friend and able to see elianto in singapore..

well, the party wasnt good this time, but hopefully next year would be better...


tomorrow is monday.. busy day ahead..


updated 3rd oct, the elianto brush i got it from tampines mall. :D

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  1. i got the same lipgloss as u from majolica majorca too... haha.

    ya i agree that the CC event was abit boring, and last yr was slightly better in terms of the door gifts la, it was a much smaller affair.

  2. @purplio really? i think that color was pretty. i am not a very pink person...

    lets hope that next year party will be better... :D maybe can have a gathering over there too! LOLXX if possible that they held it at suntec more convenient in terms for traveling and i might stay longer haha

  3. ahaha... i am into the nude lips phase recently and still on the prowl for the perfect beige nude lipstick.

    ah yes and hope there are more great bargains!

  4. the Elianto brush u got it from Magical tannsu?

  5. @purplio finger cross :)
    @MaddyMadeline eh, sorry forgot to mention i got it from tampines mall :D

  6. the brush is only $4.90? thats cheap!
    i must definitely go check it out, but it's all the way over at tampines, alamak!

  7. @tiarabangs ya have to go check it out, the boss lady is nice sia.. haha


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