Alittle bit of love from revoltage :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

this is none beauty related post but are those thing i get with love(discount) haha


today i went over to kino to get l'officiel magazine and stuff i want. to my surprise... all the magazine were sold out. and i doubt they will bring in again..

sad :( and the stuff i want to get was the japanese magazine that has some nice nice goodie arrive only after 8pm and i do not want to stay until so late, another sad thing... haiz

hopefully my friend who will be down tomorrow can get it for me :D


walked over to far east plaza to find my friend, she work at revoltage and they are having clearance stock and i got this..

live n loaded t-shirt, they sponser mediacorp channel 5 for it... very nice rock color.. me like it

and a hoodie.. haha very roomy and long.. i aim this very long and was surprise that it was under clearance.. haha

met my friend's friend.. i forgot her name very pretty girl and a guy...they are cool and funny people..

clubbing and Blackberry mates haha

and i got myself a zero degree full spect frame. wanting to try someting new haha. cause i either wear contact lens or my degree half frame spect.

so its been a while since i wore a full frame. quite cool, matte frame with patent leather spect bridge(the one that hook on your ear.. haha).


does this consider beauty haul?? or fashion haul? i am blur..

anyway.. enjoy people :D

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