Adorebeauty's contest :D (Neon color)

Friday, September 18, 2009

this is my first beauty contest to adorebeauty. today right after my lesson i go 'disturb' my makeup and try to give this a shot.

i am happy singapore is getting more involve in the makeup world and more people are open to it.

i got to know makeup like last yr when i got nothing to do during my Final year project and i type 'makeup' on youtube.

and woah... this is really interesting haha

kkx going to stop brangging about how i got to know makeup etc. this will come in the later portion haha


wah shocking colors... :D

the initial idea was by the traffice light in singapore haha

but now i see is more like rainbow in the sky sia... haha

let me break down into detail about the makeup :D


* excuse for the brows didn't got time to go get my god sis-in-law to do it for me

  1. to start off i put a white base from LA girls pencil liner in white all over the lids to the brow bone
  2. i put the red in the inner corner until the 1/3 for the lids
  3. the orange in the middle slightly sweeping in the color to the red
  4. the green on the other corner and do a sharp wink, at the same time blending to the orange
  5. taking the light blue eyeshadow use as a 'highlight' on top of the red till the orange, blend blend!!
  6. take a darker blue eyeshadow use it as a 'highlight' for the green part.. at the same time elongate the green sharp wink
  7. taking a angel brush take the dark blue eyeshadow and put it across the green very outer corner line (not visible in the picture but its there! )
  8. the same at the lower lash line till the middle of the eye
  9. take a light yellow with shimmer eyeshadow and line at the bottom lash from the inner to the middle connecting the blue eyeshadow
  10. at the same time put the light yellow in the inner tear duct
  11. line your favorite eyeliner and brush on mascara
  12. if you have false lashes put them on the wilder the better...since i do not have it right now so mascara would do and i guess you can see the color more clearly



the face i put on my all time used BB bream from etude house.

now for the most playful part XD

the lips i put on facial whip by elf, wanted to give a metallic pop * not part of the contest just for fun :D*

and for cheeks i put on yellow eyeshadow...because pink or red is too common.. and since i love yellow why not?? haha

yeap u see it. topping off with the elf contour and blush the blush color nice sheen to it but not so much

and the next i use a dark lavender purple eyeshadow use it for contour at my cheek and nose area..

shocking rite... haha i know...

even i am shock with what i am doing..

need to see at the 4th pict for the nose contour and the bottom for the cheek

the lighting is bad

cause i return from sch so sorry and

the camera isn't the best but saving for DSLR :X


definitely not for outing but thanks for the contest

and this isnt the neon i guess more like rainbow sia...

aww well.. i hope everyone is enjoying what they do and other gurus are doing well too!! as a noob i should give myself a clap rite :D

enjoy and good luck!


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