[Swatch] Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - PEARL

Hello to first post in 2016.

Did I mention that I am currently obsesses with anything that NikkiTutorials recommend?

In one of her videos she mention that IF becca ever comes out with that PEARL highlighter - all fair skin people have to get that immediately.

And guess what? her dream come true and yes! I got it immediately!

I am glad to say that No highlighter were harm in the process of delivery during the December period.

Thank you beautylish for the free delivery to SINGAPORE~

Lovely personal card attention to me

Artsy shot that I will using for instagram hehe

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - PEARL


Off white with yellow base

In its perfecting form


At this moment I have not got the chance to play with it but if you are interested how well it applies on fair skin. I can do a more detailed review on the product soon, so do keep a look out for the post.
Hope you have a great start of year!


Little haul from shiseido sales

It has been awhile since i last went to any makeup sales.. 

However, as i am typing it. I still have a mac haul that i have yet to declare! Bummer! 

So i did went to makeup sales earlier this year, and this time the shiseido sales i dis not spend alot of it because sub-consciously i knew that whatever things i buy will eventually be there collecting dust. 

Anyway i went and keep reminding myself that i am not going to buy anything that is not necessary. 

Let the picture do the talking! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Must have Skin care - Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Salicylic Acid

Hi everyone!
If you facing bumpy skin and notice that your skin is breaking out seriously, you might want to get this product.
Highly recommended by Gossmakeupartist that it change his skin totally.  

I have quite a good skin except during the time of the month then my face would break out and leave scar.

However, I do notice if I were to use it daily my skin tend to be a bit tight.

So I suggest to use it on alternate days during the time of the month or when you are facing problematic skin.

Overall how I do my skin care usually during that break out time!
1) Cleanse my skin with oil base makeup remover
2) Using a hydrating Cleanser
3) Tone my face with a) Acid base toner and follow up with b) Hydrating toner
4) Moisturiser that is thick because I sleep in air-conditioner room.
5) Apply hydrating eye cream
My skin significantly improves and I can enjoy keeping my skin calms during that breakout moment.
On the side note, everyone skin is different. What works for me might not works for you, so do experiment and try out which products works for you. This is where purchasing or asking samples is a great option for you to try out new product :)
Hope this post helps!

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