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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rambling thoughts - causal blogging?

What does it take to be a blogger?
There is a fine line on how people perceive bloggers. Names or calling that some how perceive as a negative image of a person.
If I do not blog that often do I consider myself as a non-blogger?
If I blog often does that makes me a influential blogger?
Or do I blog negative stuff that try to gets everyone attention?
Recent matters on blogger saga had strike a conversation with my beauty clique, or for now beauty clique that turn into friends that I never once imagine I had before. :)
At the end of the day, being able to express one self as an individual is a personal development.
A place where they would jot down what they like and do not like.
Personally I do not like writing and drafting post.
1) I am not very good with my English
2) Not very well in compositing my words
3) Even after drafting and re-read what I wrote - No wonder my English teacher could not stand what I write.
Don't get me wrong, I still love beauty, fashion and everything nice; including food!
I am a girl for crying out loud! haha!
Hence, I want to embark on a photography style - minimalistic writing and more towards my view on things.
I enjoy good cup of café latte and appreciate the skills that goes into making it.
And I love a good food to strike off conversation or have it taken and share it on my social media.
But what I do know is that I am sort of a imperfect perfectionist.
If I do not think that this is perfect, I would not want to post. But on the other hand in other people's eye it might seem perfect to post it.
Like, I want to create a minimalistic effect but here I am typing all the way and rambling stuff that you probably would not know what I am talking about haha!
Have a great week ahead my friend :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Undeclared haul - Sephora, BNBW, Etude House and meeting with Pearypie!

Hello there!

It has been quite sometime since I last posted on my blog, and I do appreciate that I still receiving incoming email from companies asking if I do still blog.

However, if you see the titled up there, clearly you know I am doing a haul.

A undeclared haul that I did not post it in neither all of my social media platform, and clearly I am I bad person in declaring hauls because 1) I do not want to be reminded that I have bought, 2) editing on my old computer is a pain in a butt.

But I got a new computer and that why you are seeing me right here, right now at this moment.

I shall stop rambling but let the picture do the talking!

I hope you enjoy this kind of post where the picture does most of the talking and tempting!

I did a review on my youtube channel and will  update a post on it soon :)

I tried a couple  of times and also have the review up soon once i edited the video :)

Such an interesting brush that i have to buy and try.

Oh! On that day i got to meet pearypie!! she is so dainty and cute!!

Lets see if you can spot me!

Thank you Junry and Too faced for the invitation!

Do let me know if you would like me to review any of the product that I got, and comment if you are interested in a video as well?

Thank you for dropping by and I see you real soon! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Zalora x Mastercard 10% Offer Every Thursday

Do you have a Mastercard?

Do you enjoy shopping at Zalora?

You are in for a good treats!

Allow you to have additional 10% off storewide on your purchases on Thursday.

All you need is to have a Valid Mastercard and Thursday to enjoy the extra saving.

So let me recommend you some of the must have outfit for the holiday season that you can easily purchase at ZALORA Singapore.

Zalora x Mastercard.

The aim for the look – Simplicity with Demand.

I love outfits that you can wear it either at the office or during event. Usually black is the way to go for office wear, with added prints design the overall look can make it slightly casual, plus it helps to hid any un-slightly curve J.

Next, as one said “The higher the Heel the closer to heaven” - a simple back strap heels that can be easily match with any outfit in any occasion. The leg will look longer and leaner with heels. If you are looking for adventure in out outfit, gold or silver patent leather heels will add classic and fashion forward touch to the overall look.

Accessories - the loud yet elegant touch; a red handbag and a dainty rose gold ring will accentuate the elegant and sophisticated aspect of it. Pop of colors bring life to the usual classic black and white. I would suggest investing on getting a good timeless shaped bag at a good quality that could last you for a long while. I own quite a number of bags that I got from bugis ($20 odd range) and trust me when added up they cost almost a few hundred buck, so logically it makes more sense to get better price bag. They are not only work functionality wise, they also are part of your accessories. Similar concept with the jewellery we well. Another tip I could suggest is to wait for sale for jewellery as they give great discount.

Lastly, a bold lip color to attract any attention on any looker that wants to speak to you. But if you do not feel comfortable wearing bold lip color, try mixing nude pink with abit of a bold color to soften the look until you are ready to be out there.

So ladies, keep your cash on your card and get ready to swipe it on Thursday!

*Promotion lasted until end of Dec 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

ChatterBox - Need Time!

I have no idea what but suddenly i have the urge to just leave my work aside and come over to just chit chat. or should i say pen my thoughts down?

I have been praying and wanting to get busy.

Not in a beauty/blogging community aspect but more towards my family business. If you all follow my blog that i did mention that my dad was very ill last year and admit couple of times this year due to not following the strict diet that i actually break down.

My turn to get admitted and fell sick.

I guess my dad saw me getting faint and admit in the hospital made him realize that it was not a joke when a person fell sick and getting another family members worried for the whole day and in the end wasted/unproductive day just passed. 

Now is very strict with his diet and only let himself indulge every saturday to eat abit of his favourite food. 

While i was hospitalize at the A&E ward. My mind flashes through so many things..

1. What can i do to be better?
2. What things i need to do when i get out of here?
3. Oh should i do this or do that?

Finally SERIOUS question just pop right out!

What would i do when my parents are no longer around?
Would i be able to hold on the reins my parent are entrusting to me?
Do i have the capabilities to be ...


I was lost.. LOST under my parent wings.. 

I was being bought up in a environment that, Yes, you need to work to get what you want! 

But i was also being spoiled because i have my parent back. 

Realizing, getting myself alone out there is very very SCARY!

To be honest, I have a very very bad temper when it comes to defending my parents. Because i find it hard to see them getting blame when things is not their fault. And i can be brute honest when i see things are not right. 100% i would not flare up easily because i can swallow the biggest ego i have and just ignore OR, i would just talk crazy nonsense stuff to vent it out. Texting and bombarding it to my friend, thank goodness for FRIENDS!

If you do not know - We own a renovation / building construction business for almost 10 years. I have seen customers with crazy demand and expectation and do not want to pay for the price, or customer that just delay payment and expect us to pay for them first and then installment. 

There was this lady who seriously suffering from menopause that she flirts with my workers and there was once another lady who say no to what ever things we do when it was her idea. Er.. 

So recently i have talk out loud when i should keep this to my head. I felt soooo regret and i felt sooooo much guilt? that i almost want to kill myself!

In the end of the day, the one that comforts me back is my parent. Apparently i have alot more to learn and experience. 

I met a guy who is doing this assignment about Humans of Singapore (FB)

He stopped me and asked me some question about what i really need right now as a Singaporean? ( I can't exactly remember what he asked but its somewhere around that line)

I recall thinking very wisely - TIME

Time to be able to meet up with my love one & spend time with them
Time to get things done
Time to learn and experience things
Time to know yourself.. 
List just goes on..

We talk alot more after that and he took some pictures which - I do not think end up in his Facebook, because i think he was finding someone unique to post it up online.

But to me, it gave me an opportunity to really think hard and fast. I believe the first thoughts that comes into your mind would be the most important things that matter to you the most.

Actually i am doing my best to manage time well. AKA not being lazy. So far so good.

Look at me.. typing so  long and wordy post to share with you.. Time wasted? Nah..

Time well spent to sit down and just pen down the thoughts. So when i look back i will be able to go.. Yeap time to get motivated again.

So how well have you spend your day?

Good? Bad? 

Everyday is a wonderful day!!

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