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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Checking out offers near you by Street Directory!

Ladies let me introduce to you a new feature of the Street Directory app.

But first in order to know how to use. Please download this application by searching for "Singapore Maps" in your mobile-app store (iOS & Android available).

**just saying all the image are watermark with "missjology" because i do not want people to anyhow use the image to claim that voucher. Thank you!

This is how it looks like on iOS

It works the same!

Do make sure that you allow the application to know your location so that they can provide the closest offer near by your area.

So over the weekend i was having a stay-cation at the Studio M hotel (fabulous hotel that has a mezzanine level for extra bedding to sleep, more details in later post), so i want to make use of the app to check out what are the offers near by and how accurate it is.

I was surprise to see that there are many offers around my area. 120 offers!!


of course i am spoilt for choice and definitely lost in what should i get.

If you are like me who am lost, Click on the offers near you! hyperlink to get you started with. They have basic offers for you to check it out.

I check out the sushi place call En Grill & Bar having 30% off, look pretty good and i realize that i click further to see the offer details i was able to rate the offer!

Apart from the usual food reviews from customer, i was able to see if the offer is worth getting or if there is fine print that i might have missed out. Click [*see offer details &/or Rate this offer]

You also can share the information to anyone you know!

There is beauty/spa/bar/shopping saving as well. Heck, they even have chiropractic offer at 72% off!

Now speaking of stay-cation.. they having street directory with Naumi hotel.

20% off!!

to know what is the code - GO DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW TO ENJOY THE 20% OFF PROMOTION!!

Don't say i didn't share!! and here is the link which is conveniently provided for you!

Have a great weekend my readers!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quickie update + My deepest fear unfold with The Spa-Lon!

Quickie update on what is going on with my life??

Currently my second part of Interior design course starts and let me just tell you, it is hectic as ever if you trying to include workload and friends meet up. I do not have time on my own except every morning.. I will fill you all in later on why only morning i have my own time!

Plus its a pain in a *** to blog with a laptop that does not cooperates with you, battery is dead so i can not bring out to those cool cafe and work. Even if so i am holding an old windows so battery life span only lasted for 2.5 hours. Hur Hur.. Next, the program use to edit my RAW photos is soooo freaking slow.. and one fine day it suddenly stops working, not sure why? Until recently it started to work again.. hmm 

Personal life is not that good, all i can say things has been tough but we will pull through as a family :)

so with all said blogging would be the last thing i ever want to do.. like seriously it is like taking a step forward filled with time and motivation to edit and blog and this kind of things happen~

Hence, i appreciate the invention of micro-blogging via instagram @missjology! My most favourite app/place in the whole wide world.. (Once, it stop server for couple of hours and i felt so detached from the social world.. that's how important it is!) and I know i should get a MAC BOOK PRO SOON~! but the new updated software information is so tempting that halts me from getting it too soon. So please bear with me alright!

I learning to schedule post so that i would not left you all from hanging and keep checking out how dusty my domain is, so to all my supporter. I love you all for being understanding and patience.

Cut to the chase on why i only have the morning hours to myself!

So if you meet me in person~ you will notice something odd about me. 

Yes, if you know.. i have THAT problem. H-A-I-R L-O-S-S!

I dont like that word at all and trust me any girl at my age do NOT like that at all, who does not like long thick hair?

Reality just sets in when i look back at my photos, that i have to admit that i have this problem/ hurdle that i have to face. 

I admit that i have been through 1 week of mild depression and sadness earlier this year when the photo was shown during an event. And only my one BFFFFF knew about it and she comfort me throughout the days so thank you my sister of another mother. :D

Slowly, i am not embarrassed about it because i have too much stuff to do that it does not bothers me and plus have grown to learn to live with it for the past 10 years so why should i let a couple of photos thrown me down?

i have more happy photos alright? and i still surviving!

Yeap.. just have to admit it don't you!

Many of those new friends i have made told me that they did not realize it until a couple more times when we hung out. 

There is a few groups of friends that i have learnt to know during the past couple of months. 
  1. They knew you have this problem they will speak to you in private and would share and help you and give positive feedback (Dont you just love them?? yes i do and you know who you are!)
  2. Couple of them say they share the same problem as well so they make me less awkward ( arent they sweet?)
  3. Some ignore and continue to make friends with me but never talk about it ever~
  4. Keep in silent and probably walk away (YES THEY WALK AWAY BECAUSE THEY THINK I AM THE ODD BALL! sadly, there is and i do not blame them because who does not wanna hang out with the pretty one? haha!)
So if you met me in person before which one do i categorize you in?

I am joking.. 

Seriously i do not categorize my friends and heck i do not even categorize blogger-friends vs friends. I treat all of you as friends!!

Just like there many sort of sweets..but you just called it candies!

So like i said a friend told me that she want to help me and even ask me if i am willing to try the treatment out at The Spa-Lon. I was surprise because i felt that this year was going to be special and i knew it was something to do with my problem~

True enough my daily manifesting for something positive to solve my problem is here!

So we meet a few more times to understand more about it and I went for the treatment along with my parents so that they knew what was going on! I am so thankful for the understanding parent that i had, especially my dad who knew its going to be something that going to change my life.

So far the i have been going there religiously for the past 3 weeks!

So beware of some post of cafe yummo-licious!!

Every Day Every Morning, I devoted the time to myself just laying there and just thinking that its going to worth so much!

Never once i complain that i was tired or dislike about the treatment! All i can say i am grateful! To the people who serve me during the treatment, although i think they are bored seeing me everyday at 10am! hahaha!

This is the ATP-38 machine which shine at the area that is needed to be treated; infra-red light energy to help stimulate cells to be more active. 
(FYI: infrared technology treatment is highly recommend by skin care specialist to treat hair-loss patient)

Especially Auntie Irene who gave me alot of support and encouragement to keep thinking that its going to work out fine. Nicole she is so bubbly that everyday just bring sunshine to my morning!

Thank you The SPA-LON for the service and the faith that you provide for me.

Forever am grateful for the opportunity and will continue to be positive about my outcome!

I will create a tab at my blog so that it will be easy for you to follow and track my progress and to understand more about the ATP-38 treatment! I cannot wait to share you what i have wrote in my daily hair journal weekly!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sephora now ONLINE via ZALORA!

A lot people know that Sephora in Singapore do not have an online web-store, however in case you did not know

ZALORA is now the exclusive online purveyor of Sephora Singapore; so this means beauty shopping at Sephora online.

So if you are unable to make a trip down to sephora, you can make the purchase online via ZALORA and the best part is that you can get more saving via online and you do not need to get cramp with the June/Summer tourist holiday crowds.

All with just a click away!

Their popular house brand skincare, toiletries and makeup gave customer a wider selection and comparable prices to luxury brands.

Just in case you not sure what you want to get or you do not know what Sephora brand product is good. I got you covered! From head to toes and from skincare to makeup product!

Here is the list of must-get if you want to get started with Sephora house brand product

  • Scrub & Mask Shine - $19 (Scrub and mask in 1)
  • Purifying Cleansing Gel 125ml - $16
  • Instant Moisturizer 50ml - $39 (So worth it!)

  • Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer 15ml - $22 (a little goes a long way)
  • Mattifying Compact Powder 8HR - $25 (helps keep the oil at bay and great for touch up)
  • Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner - $21 (to help to define the eyes)
  • Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil - $19 (Statement lip color to make the overall look pop)

Zalora Singapore is one of the fasting growing e-commerce in South East Asia, Offering an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers. Offering a thirty-day free returns policy and with the wide arrays of payment and deliver methods to choose from, who knew now there is a pickup point at 7-11 (cool!).


All I can say is that shopping @ Sephora Singapore for beauty can now be easy, convenient and beautiful!

Get shopping ladies!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Makeup forever contest for makeup addict - Glam rock theme

Hello everyone,

i just participate the MUFE makeup addict contest - this is a contest for non-makeup-certification contestant who loves makeup and enjoy doing it~

So the prize for this contest is actually a chance to learn makeup for 1 week in paris!!

i not sure if i am going to win because other contestant are pretty awesome and i guess many of them are wayyy better than me.

anyway the video has to be speed up to 2:30mins. So i apologise if the "tutorial" video looks a little choppy. BUT if you are interested in the tutorial and like to know how i create this look, i am more than happy to slow down and do a proper voice over for the video.

here is some shots i took after the recording..

Hope everyone is hanging on to their mid-week!

Update about my life: my dad admitted hospital last monday and just got discharge today. would love to thanks everyone who has been very patience to me in churning out blogpost for reviews as such. Things has been tough on the family and relatives and i am amaze myself to be able to pull it through for many days. I heading out for my night class later - #ButFirstLetMeTakeAQuickNap before powering my way through for class. (anyone getting sick and tired of that song?? my brother keep it on reply and its super annoying!!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

iPrice coupon - Singapore online shopping coupon code site

Its very common now for customer to shop online, the convenient and the variety it carries with a touch of mobile phone or sweep of a mouse through the web. Plus, why not shop for expensive items online for a cheaper price?
There is also the unequivocal advantage of being able to shop 24/7 without having to queue up.

I admit that i have done major and serious damage to my wallet before and even now with all the temptation that is lurking at the online shops with the huge SALE sign blinking and telling me that i need to get this-that-and-that!

To be honest - No one is ever satisfy even when the product they choose is already a SALE items, surely there will be 1 or 2 pieces of items that they put in their online cart is non-sale item. Confirm and surely they would want to get more deals out of it! (Guilty as charged, i AM one of them~) 

In the united states there is tons of website that provide online code for customer to make use of during their online purchase, they even have a overall discount or free shipping on their shopping carts. BUT the hassle for us to purchase from the US and ship back to Singapore is a pure torture because of the waiting time and the "Discount" is basically out shipping cost back to Singapore.

FEAR NOT!! That’s where iPrice Singapore comes in and lends a helping hand to all customers.
You can make significant savings just by clicking on a few links to obtain Online coupons. Yes Singapore very first online coupons website that provide code and links for better shopping ONLINE deal!!

Let me tell you what is iPrice Singapore is about:- 

iPrice was founded in September of last year after realising that there was a niche for online coupons in the South East Asia region. 

  • iPrice was set up to help people get better deals online while ensuring a safe and reliable experience. 
  • iPrice is present in several South East Asian countries like; Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines. 
  • iPrice was made to facilitate the lives of online shoppers and not to complicate it. 
  • iPrice Singapore’s website design and straightforward; there is no link to other websites or no unnecessary ads to annoy the user.

Its not like "print-out" coupon that you purchase in advance or scams or asked to perform some form of task before you can access the discount code (usually: a survey, a competition or registering with your email address).  

its REALLY and AUTHENTIC COUPON CODE AND LINKS to singapore online shopping platform - such as Zalora , Smartbuyglasses , Expedia, Highstreetlabels , Foxy Sales and Qoo10. 

Crazy right, just the Zalora and Qoo10 already sound so amazing!! because i shop there before and they have many choices of outfit and stuff you can buy buy and buy. And now with the shopping codes - i can save save save and BUY more~

All you have to do is visit iPrice Singapore, click on the coupon code that you want and then click on it. A small box will load with the code, and all you have to do is copy and paste it in the checkout box where you’re shopping online. .

As simple as that!  iPrice Singapore boasts a wide variety of coupon codes available for free to all customers – from travel coupons, hotel coupons, fashion coupons and even electronics, iPrice Singapore provides a great range of discounts.

Do checkout their iPrice Singapore blog to know more information where to get good deals, fashion, lifestyle and travel tips articles. Check out their very popular Kate Spade Singapore blog article about how you can buy products online and offline here.

Its the weekend!! so go shopping more the merrier!!

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